New Genes

Physical Movements to Reduce Stress

Is your life filled with stress, heavy workload and packed schedule? We all face different sources of stress everyday... continue reading

06 Jul 2018

New Genes

Close your eyes and enjoy the Art Artisan@ Y Loft 2018

Try a different accommodation experience by surrounding yourself with art pieces at hostel themed room! Youth S... continue reading

17 May 2018

Around New World

K11 Art Foundation Presents Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘Emerald City’

Since the birth of Euclid’s Elements, geometry has evolved into branches of knowledge that goes beyond mathemat... continue reading

10 Apr 2018

Around New World

First in Town! Youth Square presents the technology from “Future”

Have you ever thought that the high-tech products and technologies in the sci-fi movie scene can be more than just im... continue reading

09 Apr 2018

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