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「Hot is Cool」 A cross-cultural dialogue between The Finnish Sauna and The Hong Kong Pavilion

Culture for Tomorrow (CFT), inaugurates with the cross-cultural event, “Hot is Cool: A Cultural Dialogue betwee... continue reading

18 Dec 2017

New World Springboard

New World Springboard Annual Recognition and Sharing Day 2017

'The New World Springboard Annual Recognition and Sharing Day 2017' attracted close to 500 people, including ... continue reading

16 Dec 2017

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Grand Opening of ‘.com/.cn’, ‘Image Core Sample’, ‘Performing Dramas’ and ‘New Orient Garden’

K11 Art Foundation (KAF)’s art exhibitions .com/.cn, Image Core Sample, Performing Dramas, and New Orient Garde... continue reading

28 Nov 2017

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BOHEMIAN HOUSE manifests the distinctive food culture in the bohemian community

Epitomizing the brand spirit of The Artisanal Movement pioneered by Cultural Entrepreneur Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive... continue reading

23 Nov 2017

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New World Harbour Race 2017 A Return to the Historical Route

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, New World Deve... continue reading

31 Oct 2017



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