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A • Entrepreneur Adventure Programme 2017

20 Dec 2017

“Should I work in an enterprise or develop my own businesses?” Many talents who possess good business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit may have encountered such crossroads in their careers. Is it possible to reconcile both sides? New World Group launched a talent acquisition initiative “A • Entrepreneur Adventure Programme” to identigy outstanding entrepreneurs who will become pioneers leading new projects within the Group.

The Programme takes the form of a competition with combined elements of a ‘hackathon’ as well as other creative components, providing applicants with a superb opportunity to present innovative ideas and demonstrate their creativity. The competition will take place in the Greater Bay Area, covering Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Anyone aged 18 or above with innovative business ideas that support the cultivation of artisanal living and add value to New World Group’s future business landscape are welcomed to apply as individuals or in teams.

To help cope with the Group’s future development, the theme of this programme “New World Cultural Tech”, covering hot, popular cultural areas such as: advertising, animation, architecture, arts and antiques, design, fashionable trends, publication, education, cinema and television, e-sports/games, multi-media, software, technology and health. A panel of judges will select the top three most creative business ideas that possess the highest business investment values over two adventure weekends. The winning teams will be awarded cash prizes. Moreover, outstanding individual applicants will be selected to join the Group. Unlike other ‘hackathon’ competitions, the judges will assess individual capabilities not only on the final pitch, but also based comprehensive observations of the individual in order to better explore and evaluate their entrepreneur potential.

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