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BOHEMIAN HOUSE manifests the distinctive food culture in the bohemian community

23 Nov 2017

Epitomizing the brand spirit of The Artisanal Movement pioneered by Cultural Entrepreneur Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager of the group, BOHEMIAN HOUSE, the latest completed project of the Bohemian Collection tailor-made for urban bohemians, is unveiled to celebrate New World’s cultivation on the bohemian community of the Western District in Hong Kong. Adhering to the concept of "Collect, Connect and Collide", Adrian Cheng travels around the world, collects ingenious pieces with prominence in humanity and culture then instills the idea into BOHEMIAN HOUSE. He is also dedicated to forge the essence of local heritage by accentuating the vibrant charisma nourished by history and food culture to cultivate a distinctive neighbourhood for residents.

Adrian Cheng deeply understands the artisanal lifestyle that urban elites with bohemian spirits pursue. These innovation-seeking urban bohemians possess high aspirations and free spirits to break the tradition. They are sophisticated and cultivated beings who are passionate about history, art and culture. EIGHT SOUTH LANE, BOHEMIAN HOUSE and the upcoming project of the Bohemian Collection are especially tailor-made and crafted for them.

Nestled in the Western District, a charming community with impressively rich history and unique culture, BOHEMIAN HOUSE inherits craftsmanship and manifests the distinctive food culture in its concept and design.

The district has preserved its historical buildings that have been standing over half a century, as well as different kinds of humanized family businesses. Walking along the shoreline in this district, one could enjoy the scenic view of Victoria Harbour, at the same time, immersing them into the local culture, as though shuttling between past and present. Hidden treasures and inspirational creativity simmering in the air await Urban Bohemians to discover.

The district is also home to lots of traditional dried seafood stores that play a vital role in the distinctive food culture of Hong Kong. It embodies a wide range of shops offering a broad variety of international fresh ingredients. From this cultural fusion within the district, the East-meets-West heritage has given Hong Kong a style that is just its own. In recent years, there is an increasing influx of western cafes, art galleries and independent boutiques into the district. The
Western District has been much revitalized and rebranded.

To define the artisanal living style of the culturally sophisticated new generations and infuse the distinction food culture into BOHEMIAN HOUSE, Adrian Cheng invited SIMPLICITY Co., Ltd, a world renowned multi-disciplinary studio who is excel in restaurant design, to craft the unique CLUB BOHEMIAN.

Food and cooking play the important roles in CLUB BOHEMIAN inspired by the neighbourhood. The key facilities of Artisan Kitchen and Alfresco Cooking are designed for residents to create artisanal dishes by their own hands with fresh ingredients sourced in the surroundings, nurturing the culinary culture of sharing and stimulating bountiful exchanges in knowledge, traditions and craftsmanship. BOHEMIAN HOUSE provides the perfect setting for residents to savour precious moments with families, friends and the like-minded, creating a community of Urban Bohemians.

SIMPLICITY transforms living space with grace dwelling in simplicity rather than conventional luxury, rejecting any tasteless ostentatious intention that such aesthetics are derived from Japan’s longstanding culture of tradition. In CLUB BOHEMIAN, a host of coppers are particularly employed as interior finishes for the ornamental and functional purpose over time. They are also passionate in engaging natural finishes to reflect the beauty of nature through their design.

Pursuing the concept of redefining Japanese culture and design for the next generation is the vision of SIMPLICITY. In addition to its self-run restaurants, confectionery stores and product line, they are responsible for a wide range of design projects in interior, products, graphics and many more. Recent interior works include Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, University of Tokyo’s Scientific and Cultural Heritage Museum, Intermediatheque in Tokyo, and the retail stores of the skincare brand Aēsop’s in Kyoto and Osaka. A perfect balance between modern sensibility and Japanese tradition can be found in their works to create a new approach of contemporary design to inspire the next generation.

The architect also embraced history by incorporating elements of trams into architectural design of BOHEMIAN HOUSE. Being a richly historiated transport, tram is a living history in Hong Kong that shapes the cityscape of the Western District. Inspired by this iconic transport, Thomas Cheung Kong Yeung, the architect of BOHEMIAN HOUSE, has incorporated tramlines in the façade design. Thomas created “I-frame”, a white feature to embrace the curtain wall and balconies of the residential units as though they were making a tram window. With the lights and shadows cast on the building, residents will feel like they are in a tram and the modular interlocking features also form an interesting façade on the building. Inspired by the stone walls which can be uniquely seen in the Western District, an understated yet delicate stone wall is artistically crafted to define the iconic residential entrance of BOHEMIAN HOUSE.

BOHEMIAN HOSUE is tailor-made and crafted for urban bohemians, not only allowing them to realize their ideal living, but also nurturing a community of urban elites with bohemian spirits to enjoy an artisanal living with the like-minded.

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