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K11 and Italian Consulate Presents: Bellissima Italia Opening Exhibition DESIGN IN ITALIA

29 Sep 2017

“Italian design” denotes a heritage of discerning taste and impeccable craftsmanship that has transcended the ages, from the Renaissance to modern times. The passion and mindfulness of Italian artisans manifest in multiple facets including Architectural Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Graphic Arts. For the first time, K11 will host DESIGN IN ITALIA Exhibition series co-organised with the Consulate General of Italy, to officially lift the curtains for Bellissima Italia 2017, an annual cultural festival dedicated to promoting Italian culture, lifestyle unique features, and iconic made-in-Italy products.

An artistic journey of Italian design will unfold at K11 Atrium with 36-square-feet suspended Colosseum Installation Magnifico Monumento by Hong Kong-based architectural design studio UPSOP. The installation recreates the iconic Colosseum with a trompe l'œil aerial set-up, applying the concept of linear perspective invented by Italian Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi with a contemporary minimalistic aesthetics. The public can also experience the perspective drawing device Ciao Ciao! inspired by mechanical drawing instruments from the past. Below the installation sees a limited time display of the Quattroporte luxury sedan by Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati – a great example of Italian craftsmanship.

Under the artful hand of Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong, chi K11 art space is transformed into a gallery of Italian interior design with the interactive exhibition Dimensions of Fabric. Also check into visual artist Chi Kuen Victor Chu’s solo exhibition “Running out of Lines” at K11 Showcase, where his multi-dimensional works twist 2D lines into 3D graphics to push the boundaries of your imagination.

Exhibition Period: 29 September to 22 October 2017

DESIGN IN ITALIA Exhibition Details

1. K11 Atrium

“Magnifico Monumento” Art Installation

Tapping into the Italian technique of perspective, local architectural studio UPSOP rethinks the Colosseum through a 36-square-feet hanging installation “Magnifico Monumento” with a minimalistic form clad in 4 layers of fabric.

The Colosseo, which dates back to the ancient Roman times, sits at the pinnacle of Italian architecture. The essence of the historic structure is represented in a lightweight, semi-transparent installation using the forced perspective technique. It hovers over the bustling Atrium to contrast the weighty existence of the original work while highlighting its role as a public venue.

The concept of linear perspective, whose influence looms large over architecture and art, was invented by Italian Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi. To demonstrate the technique, UPSOP ingeniously adopts linear perspective in their work to generate visual effects from different angles to illustrate the perception of space. Inspired by ancient tools, a perspective drawing setup “Ciao Ciao!” is available under the installation for a complete appreciation of the play of linear perspective and “illusions”.

Date:29 September – 19 October

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue:K11 Atrium

Pop-up Exhibition of Maserati Luxury Sport Seden

The world’s first luxury sports sedan by Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati will be stationed at K11 Atrium. The Quattroporte is a perfect synthesis of motorsport technology and top-notch handcrafted decorations at the core Italian industrial workmanship. One of the most legendary brands in the industry, Maserati combines unique aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship of Italy in its design.

The Atrium will also display the prototype of Quattroporte from generation 1 to 6 in transparent showcases for visitors to marvel at the development and expertise of the iconic car builder.

Conceived half a century ago, Maserati Quattroporte has undergone six stages of evolution to become one of the world’s most luxurious Quattroporte sedans. K11 will feature all six generations for an overview of the development of this extraordinary model in the history of car making.

Date:29 September – 2 October

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue:K11 Atrium


Italian Signature Furniture and Design Products Exhibition

Italian brands have long played a significant role in design, from industrial products to furnishing. Italian objects including ceramics, glass tableware and artistic home décor will be on display.

Date:3 October – 19 October

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm



2. chi K11 art space

Dimensions of FabricExhibition

The “Dimensions of Fabric”, co-organized by Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong, Consulate General of Italy, Colourliving and Molteni, illustrates the aesthetic quintessence of Italian interior design through knit structures and handmade fabric installations.


Zone 1 ─ ‘One-point Perspective’

In this exhibition that elucidates Italian design aesthetics, wood and thread are used, coupled with lighting and unique furniture designs, to illustrate ‘one-point perspective’ and echoes to the ‘linear perspective’ technique employed in the installation displayed at the Atrium.


Zone 2 ─ Woven Interaction

Think invisible threads that connect people. They meet and interweave with each other to form life’s myriad scenario.

In this zone, a 4-metre-wide ‘map’ is installed with colourful bobbins for visitors to manipulate and create messages on the ‘map’ that symbolises interactions in life.


Zone 3 & 4 ─ The Modern Aesthetics of Weaving

Visitors take to a journey through hung exhibits of woven works to explore the world of weaving. Knit and fabric artworks are juxtaposed with modern furnitures from the renowned Italian house of Paola Lenti, to illustrate a stark contrast in style, colour, pattern, texture and craftsmanship. Visitors can also take a sneak peek into the creation of the exhibits in the ‘making of’ video.


Zone 5 ─ Large Scale Woven Installation

Over a Hundred pieces of fabric are assembled, using ingenious techniques and creativity, to challenge structural constraints by reinterpreting the texture and form of woven material. The result is a sumptuous display of beauty in a three-dimensional space.

Date:29 September – 22 October

Time:12:00nn – 10:00pm

Venue:chi K11 art space (K11 B2/F)


3. K11 Showcases

“Running out of Lines” Exhibition

If you are interested in lines, check into the solo exhibition of visual artist Chi Kuen Victor Chu entitled “Running out of Lines” at K11 Showcases. Chu’s multi-dimensional works transmute 2D graphics into 3D existence using simple lines and geometry that push the boundaries of imagination.

‘Running out of Lines’ is the recurring motif of Chu’s work. Lines are not just linear continua of dots but also strands of words and dialogues. Instead of heavy-handed explanation, Chu believes that art should allow viewers’ free association and interpretation. He uses one of the simplest elements of design–lines–to create room for different parties to unleash their imagination without words.

Chu’s works represent the transmutation of 2D graphics into 3D existence using elements such as neon, string and glass. The 2D graphics are visually pulled out of a plain and twisted. He introduces movement into the unmovable, repeated and rigid imagery to add a sense of depth.

Date:26 September – 8 November

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: K11 Showcases (G/F, 1/F, 2/F)


4. K11 3/F

“Breaths of Monotony” Solo Exhibition by Tracy Lam


Lam’s exhibition delves into the reflex behaviour against the monotony in daily life. Her works mirror her personal experience by depicting her struggle against an ordered life under social norms, resulting in an ineffable balance between a familiar atmosphere pervaded with emptiness and depression, and a void pulled by the gravity of fatigue.

The exhibition features an intrinsic dialogue among videos and daily objects like coffee filter papers, pillow cases and pencils to create an intimate and subtly serene space within a public space.


Date:28 September – 31 October

Time:10:00am –10:00pm

Venue:K11 3/F

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