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Introduced Works by 19 New Designers

05 Sep 2017


‘Young Talent Award 2017’ Fashion Show

Introducing Works by 19 New Designers

 Envisioning the Future Generation of Fashion Design  

An Exhibition Featuring Three Dynamic Zones




K11 strives to nurture home-grown designers by showcasing over 100 ground-breaking works, and by co-organising this year’s sensational “Young Talent Award Ceremony 2017”  and Fashion Show on 25th Aug at K11 in partnership with the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA). This first of its kind public fashion show spanned from indoor to outdoors and had on display 20 iconoclastic works from five local design institutes. The event was also an occasion to announce the winner of the Young Talent Award 2017. Following the ceremony, the public was invited to view and appreciate the shortlisted works at chi K11 art space where a futuristic “Fashion Tunnel to the Future” featuring upside-down neon lights and misty surroundings were installed to present the avant-garde creations of promising fashion designers in a playful and experimental way. It was all specially curated to prepare the public for the future vision of fashion design.

FASHION NEXT Exhibition Details

  1. HKFDA “Young Talent Award 2017” Finalists’ Works Exhibition

Fashion has always been viewed as a recurrence of styles. But how do designers impart novel ideas on fashion while capturing changes in lifestyle, technology, craftsmanship, trends and thoughts in their designs, which, in turn, inspire a new generation of designers to tread new ground? “NEXT” is the key word, which stands for next generation creations. In this exhibition, the audience observed the evolution of the  conceit behind fashion while engaging in the playful experimentation of designs in fashion. They also witnessed the birth of a new star in the local fashion industry. Works from 19 new generation fashion designers from five local tertiary institutes were featured in this exhibition.

Date: 26 August – 21 September

Time: 12:00nn – 10:00pm

Location: chi K11 art space

Entrance Fee*: HKD20

* Free entry for those who fulfill any of the following criteria:

  • Follow K11 Artist Klub on Instagram (@K11hk @k11artistklub)
  • Joined K11 Artist Klub as a paid member
  • Children under 12 years old
  • Students with a valid student ID


Adorning the entrance of the Young Talent Award 2017 Finalists’ Works Exhibition was a mirrored tunnel paving the way to a journey of imagination into the "future" of fashion design. Lit by a collection of off-kilter neon lights were T-shirt installations within the tunnel, displaying the profiles of the finalists and foreshadowing the birth of the next fashion star.

Exhibition Zone 1

In this sci-fi inspired zone, exhibits were displayed within showcases constructed with octagonal columns. The tessellated surfaces of octagons, combined with space-age lighting and smoke effects created a mysterious, futuristic atmosphere that conveyed the limitless creativity of the fashion designers.

Exhibition Zone 2

This display zone represented the idea of breaking through and forward thinking with sprinting mannequins symbolising the design spirit of pushing boundaries and limits and  shaking up the status quo. The upbeat ambience truly echoed the zeal and passion of the new generation of fashion designers.

Exhibition Zone 3

Visitors experienced a psychedelic sensation in this display area, which featured  disruptive elements, inverted furniture as well as a mirrored ceiling and flooring that turned the world upside down! The reflections in the mirrors allowed individuals to take a glimpse into the fashion universe from a revolutionary point-of-view. These captivating installation symbolised today’s innovative and rebellious nature of fashion design and its infinite possibilities.

2. HKFDA Young Talent Award Past Winning Works Exhibition

Pop-up fashion showcases that displayed the works of winning designers over the past decade filled up K11. Past winners of the Award, such as Singchin Lo, Kay Kwok, Holly Lai, Key Chow, Pakho Lee, Kenneth Cheung, Chung Ting, Michelle Lin, Kin-Yan Lam and Mickey Lee Fashion Illustration Award laureate Alexander Tsang, have risen to prominence in both the local and international fashion scenes as the Award nurtures and encourages the birth of a new fashion era.

Date: 6 July to 25 September

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Location: G/F & B1 Level, K11

3. ‘New Perspectives on Banality’ Exhibition of Fashion Photography by Leungmo

K11 collaborated with local fashion photographer Leungmo to feature her solo exhibition themed - “I’m (not) what I seem”, comprising a carefully curated collection of surreal, exaggerated and ironic visual narratives of 11 occupations, including inventor, doctor, hairstylist, and other . with a view to provoke critical thinking about  fashion as a mask of identity as well as on stereotypes and their related cultural assumptions.

Truly passionate about experimental and surreal art, Leungmo draws inspiration from everyday life to challenge established aesthetic codes with an idiosyncratic perspective that channels a new understanding of the world through photography. A graduate of the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, Leungmo has contributed to numerous fashion campaigns for brands like Lane Crawford, Cote&Ciel, Lee Jeans, and others. Her works have also been featured in local and international fashion magazines.

Date: 19 August – 24 September

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Location: K11 Showcase (K11 G/F, L1, L2)

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