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New World Harbour Race 2017 - Artisan Action

06 Oct 2017

The New World Harbour Race, one of the most celebrated sporting events in Hong Kong, will be held on 29th October at Victoria Harbour. Echoing the legendary cross-harbour race route, the new route stretches from Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier to Wan Chai Golden Bauhinia Square Public Pier. 

“Artisan Action” is the theme of the New World Harbour Race 2017, showcasing the resemblance between swimmers’ unfaltering concentration and stamina, and their spirit in constantly reinventing themselves, to that of craftsmen. Cross harbour swimming is not just a pipe dream, and it is identical to New World Group’s brand identity - The Artisanal Movement. “Artisan Action” can also be read as “Art is an Action”. 

This year, actress Michelle Wai, model Jeremy Wong and songwriter Subyub Lee join our “Star Swimming League”, where they will take on months of gruelling training customised by the “Devil coach” Kim Iu to get them ready to compete with the other swimmers in the New World Harbour Race. We will see results of this fruitful experience very soon. Formerly a certified lifeguard, Michelle Wai was worried at the beginning that she might not be able to join the race. “I was worried about scheduling conflict, that I might not have the time for training along with filming, but I know I will regret it if I miss out. I hope that enduring the training and the race will make me stronger.” After a painstaking process of physical training, all three star swimmers finally passed the water test. To follow the updates on our “Star Swimming League”, please visit the Facebook page of New World Harbour Race - www.facebook.com/nwharbourrace  .

Last but not least, two Springboard kids Winnie Mak (aged 14) and Tim Lee (aged 15) from New World Swimming Academy are also featured in the photo shoot. New World Group has long been dedicated to supporting the development of local sports, launching the New World Swimming Academy with Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association since 2012 through their sustainable community development programme - New World Springboard. The programme offers three years of free swimming training to underprivileged children from low-income families, providing a platform for fostering budding swimming stars. These young swimmers participating in New World Harbour Race are the best proof of its success. 

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