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SKYPARK Surpassing boundaries to build a park in the sky, where dreams can come true

01 Jun 2017

SKYPARK, the brainchild of cultural entrepreneur Mr. Adrian Cheng, who also serves as executive vice-chairman and general manager of New World Development, is about to enter the final stretch. This new residential project is a collaboration with a famous Dutch architect and provides a one-of-a-kind ‘sky park’ in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents will be able to enjoy a leisurely picnic with our imaginative - ‘Picnic in Aurora Dreams’ experience, the quintessential embodiment of The Artisanal Movement that defines the NWD brand’s pursuit of the highest levels of craftsmanship and originality. The Artisanal Movement is also inspired by the concept of - ‘Collect, Connect and Collide’, which focuses on sourcing uniquely distinctive items from around the globe. It also involves sharing behind-the-scenes stories in order to enhance residents’ appreciation of aesthetics and encourages their imaginations to soar.

The famous Dutch architectural firm concrete was the driving force behind the design of SKYPARK’s mezmerising clubhouse. Once voted ‘Architectural Firm of the Year’ by Time Out Amsterdam, concrete boasts daring designs and bold concepts. Their previous success stories include: the W Verbier Hotel in Switzerland, which cleverly masks itself amidst  the surrounding snow-capped mountains; the New World Trade Centre’s Food Square in New York; and the Hotel citizenM, which features a modern community concept. concrete does not have a particular style per se, but with each project, they put forward an exciting essential conceit that always causes a stir among the architectural community, and later becomes an iconic masterpiece. . 

Situated in the centre of Kowloon, SKYPARK is what the architects envisioned as a unique opportunity to promote a new type of artisanal living, where millennials could  enjoy a sense of shared habitat between nature and neighbourhood. Concrete’s  visionaries made it a point to move away from conventional thinking by introducing - ‘Break the Wall’ as their design concept. This would give residents the freedom to use  open spaces to create a transparent area that contrasts with the surrounding environment. Not only would residents be able to enjoy their own private space amidst the urban hustle and bustle, but the Break the Wall concept allows for optimal interaction with others, completely redefining today’s modern living culture.

All projects associated with New World Development embody the artisanal concept of - ‘Collect, Connect, Collide’, and SKYPARK is of course, no exception. Adrian Cheng  has long been inspired by urban parks around the world, so he decided to collaborate with the concrete design team to incorporate their urban park concept for SKYPARK. creating an unparalleled park high above our vibrant and prosperous city. Mr. Cheng and concrete believe the most important element of any city park is an open-up landscape which allows residents to look up at the sky with unlimited imagination   amidst open spaces. Residents must be able to appreciate the space they have while  celebrating the importance of togetherness.

 A dedicated rooftop green space applies famous garden designer Adrian L Norman’s integration of garden aesthetics coupled with various green designs, resulting in  SKYPARK’s landmark concept of THE AURORA+. The architect hopes to return  space to the residents, encouraging them to get closer to nature and do whatever they please. Whether it’s dreaming under the vast blue skies, enjoying a cosy picnic in the city, hosting a barbecue gathering, sipping cocktails or simply gazing at the stars, everyone will be intrigued to discover endless possibilities. The architect also describes  THE LAWN+  as being akin to “Swinging on top of the world.”

”Breaking the traditional clubhouse design mould to provide an open and revolutionary space,” – that’s how concrete’s architects describe The AURORA+, SKYPARK’s clubhouse in the sky. Situated on the 28th floor1, the comprehensive facilities include an indoor swimming pool, poolside bar, library, a gym and much more. Leaving behind the boring spatial barriers of old, the ingenious use of glass boldly extends the sense of space indefinitely, and the transparent views not only encompass vistas from all angles, but the swimming pool remains in full view from every spot, dramatically increasing the overall spatial connection.

The SKY STAIRS+ outside the clubhouse is also a sight to behold. As well as linking the indoor clubhouse and THE LAWN+, this stunning staircase also commands magnificent views as well as providing a comfortable sofa seating area similar to the steps outside of the New York Metropolitan Museum. The sense of freedom it inspires allows residents to relax and use the space whenever they wish. It also blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor while bridging the gap between nature and cityscape.

SKYPARK also applies a host of renewable energy technologies, putting green living into practice. Lighting at THE LAWN+ uses electricity generated in part by wind turbines in order to reduce overall power consumption while the Clubhouse shower facilities make use of solar power as one of the methods for heating up the water2. A rain water recycling system is also deployed for rooftop irrigation purposes.

The architects at concrete also created a space that is ideal for urban dwellers, especially for today’s ‘balance-centric’ millennials, who long for a serene space where they can escape the chaos of bustling city life. The end result is a green clubhouse in the sky where people can interact with each other more easily than ever in a space without boundaries that provides inspiration for all.















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