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First in Town! Youth Square presents the technology from “Future”

09 Apr 2018

Have you ever thought that the high-tech products and technologies in the sci-fi movie scene can be more than just imagination?

18 outstanding works from the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, combined creativity, technology and art from the YouFab Global Creative Awards will make their first debut in Hong Kong. Highlighted exhibitis included 3D Printing Imitation Hand Bones, Electronic Utility Knife and the humanized “The Third Thumb”. The exhibition will be available until 12 Apr.

Hot on the heels of the exhibition, Youth Square is on the way to introduce the a brand new AI Zone located at 5/F of Youth Square, to showcase a series of creative applications with artificial intelligence such as face recognition applications, smart home and robotic products etc. The AI Zone will be loaded with exhibitions and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) workshops to make it a place for youth to play and learn cross-disciplinary knowledge, to cultivate their creativity and problem-solving skills. The AI Zone and STEAM workshops is coming soon in May 2018, please visit www.youthsquare.hk and www.facebook.com/youthsquare for more details.

Ms Danin Clode, creator of “The Third Thumb”, shared her design concepts and demonstrated her work.

The "YouFab Exhibition - Imagination Manifests" was held at Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square.

“YouFab Exhibition - Imagination Manifests” opening ceremony kicked off the 9-day exhibition.

"Regenerative Reliquary", the 3D printing Imitation hand bones.

“OTON GLASS” is a set of smart glasses designed to help dyslexic people to read words.

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