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YoungSTAR 2016 Graduation Ceremony cum YoungSTAR 2018 Opening Ceremony

12 Mar 2018

After 730 days on the Artisanal Journey, YoungSTARs 2016 finally graduated on 19th Jan. 2018.   Staff members ranging from YoungSTARs Coaches, project mentors, human resources staff,   as well as training and development colleagues from various business units, plus senior management personnel were on hand to witness this important milestone in the YoungSTAR Programme 2016.  The graduation ceremony saw 23 YoungSTARs receiving their graduation certificates and souvenirs from Mr. Wong Man Hoi, senior director / company secretary - legal & company secretarial, signifying the successful completion of their bespoke, 2-year Artisanal Journey.

 Afterward, following the handover of the star-shaped lights, which represent the YoungSTAR spirit, the new  cohort of YoungSTARs 2018  embarked on their journey  the very same day.  30 YoungSTARs 2018 delivered their creative self-introduction speeches and drew enthusiastic cheers and applause from the audience.

【YoungSTAR Programme 薪火相傳】

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