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Cultural Transformer 2017 The Artisan Adventure – a journey to collect, connect, collide

23 Feb 2018

Cultural Transformer Programme 2017 has been successfully rolled out to the Group and over 1100 staff across Hong Kong and various Mainland cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou have been engaged. To further embed the Artisanal Movement Culture into staff members’ daily work and engage our stakeholders, the theme of Cultural Transformer Programme 2017 “Artisan Adventure – a journey to collect, connect, collide” is created.


Over 300 cultural transformers were recruited and then divided into different groups to visit business units and deliver near 60 interactive and innovative ‘Artisan Adventure Workshops’ to all levels of Artisans over the past six months. Apart from deepening participants’ understanding on our unique brand personality, new elements including six talent attributes, application of Entrepreneur spirit at work as well as effective ways to viral The Artisanal Movement in day-to-day communication and on social media platforms were also added.


Let’s keep up the Artisans’ Spirits and join hands to craft an Artisanal New World!

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