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CULTURE @MAZE Street Culture Festival 2017

15 Sep 2017

This summer, Youth Square collaborated with Tung Wah Groups of Hospital (TWGHs) Tuen Mun Integrated Service Centre to host the “CULTURE @MAZE Street Culture Festival 2017” with a series of street culture activities between 11th and 17th August. Different distinctive arts of street culture were brought to Youth Square in Hong Kong. The Street Culture Festival invited professional tutors from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore to provide a series of Street Dance and Music Workshop, including HIP HOP, VOGUE, POPPING, DANCEHALL, BEATBOX, RAP and DJ, to share the unique street dance and music culture from different regions.
Local youth had the chance to interact with the overseas youth through different street culture including Street Dance, Rap, DJ, etc. They could widen their horizons, established their confidence, as well as to unleash their infinite potential through the dance and music workshops, eventually demonstrated “Art without boundaries”.

CULTURE @MAZE Street Culture exhibition “ONE LOVE” were exhibited at Youth Square.

CULTURE@MAZE Street Culture Festival 2017 brought street culture from various cities to local youth.

Mira, Street Dance tutor from Macau, taught the youth with her professional dancing style - VOGUE.

Milk Tea, Street Dance tutor from Taiwan, encouraged the youth to dance with passion in HIP HOP.

Local Street Dance tutor, Popping Lok, shared HIP HOP and Popping dancing techniques with the youth.

Lum, from Singapore famous dance studio O SCHOOL, taught her experienced dancing style – Dancehall.

Local Beatboxer and Street Culture Artist, Atlas shared the Beatbox vocal tips with the youth.

Local RAPPER, Quilla shared her experienced RAP with Cantonoese elements.

Local DJ X Large shared his DIY composing style with the youth.

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