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New World Harbour Race 2017 - Artisan Action

The New World Harbour Race, one of the most celebrated sporting events in Hong Kong, will be held on 29th October at ... continue reading


06 Oct 2017

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Guangzhou Park Paradise·Cozy Clouds

Aiming at innovation and the pursuit of excellence in line with The Artisan Movement, the Group’s brand persona... continue reading


04 Aug 2017

Awards & Recognitions

New World Development Wins the 7th "Corporate Social Responsibility Award" from Capital Magazine Ltd

The Group has successfully adopted sustainable development as part of its core vision and incorporated this concept i... continue reading


24 Jul 2017

Sustainability ‧ Community

New World Group is Committed to Promoting Healthy Buildings

As an industry pioneer, the New World Group has taken the lead to incorporate the concept of wellness into all of its... continue reading


24 Jul 2017

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K11 FASHION NEXT Exhibition Showcase of Over 100 Subversive Designs

K11 actively strives to nurture local fashion and groom creative talent. This summer, the FASHION NEXT Exhib... continue reading


04 Jul 2017

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SKYPARK Surpassing boundaries to build a park in the sky, where dreams can come true

SKYPARK, the brainchild of cultural entrepreneur Mr. Adrian Cheng, who also serves as executive vice-chairman and gen... continue reading


01 Jun 2017

Awards & Recognitions

NWD Projects Garnered Awards in HKBIA

NWD unique brand personality, The Artisanal Movement, has been infused into every one of our building projects. ... continue reading


03 Mar 2017

Red Dot Design Award, Gold Standard of Design, Conferred on The Artisanal Movement Website
Awards & Recognitions

The Artisanal Movement website has been awarded Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016

The Artisanal Movement website has been awarded Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 in the Red Dot Design Award.... continue reading


16 Dec 2016

Shenyang New World EXPO Opens
New Genes

Shenyang New World EXPO Opens

The Shengyang New World EXPO opened on 24th September, hosting 3-day China’s Annual National Planning Conferenc... continue reading


24 Sep 2016

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