Quiz winners (November - December)

Quiz winners (November - December)

  • Tsui Yung Kwai (Marco) NWD
  • Chloe Liu K11(瀋陽)
  • Fiona K11(瀋陽)
  • Julie Yam Sau Yi NWPMCL
  • Kathleen Lau Hip Hing
  • Katherine Kwan NWD
  • Dave Law Free Duty
  • Cheung Kwok Fan Hip Hing
  • MOK KIM YING Hip Hing
Quiz answers (November - December)

Quiz answers (November - December)

  • 29th October
  • Nicolas Buffe
  • 8,000
  • Tung Wah Groups of Hospital (TWGHs) Tuen Mun Integrated Service Centre
  • ‘Best Investor Relations Company (Hong Kong)’ ’Best Investor Relations Professional (Hong Kong)’

  • Name the three parts of “Hot is Cool” exhibition.

  • Where did the .com/.cn, Image Core Sample, Performing Dramas, and New Orient Garden exhibitions organised by K11 Art Foundation hold?

  • Which company designed BOHEMIAN HOUSE?

  • How many students, parents, mentors,'Love‧New World' volunteers, and partnering social welfare organisations representatives joined the New World Springboard Annual Recognition and Sharing Day 2017?

  • How many swimmers joined New World Harbour Race 2017?


February 28, 2018


The Artisanal Movement x LOQI Tote Bag

Note: Only staff of the New World Group are eligible to join.
Staff who answer all the questions correctly get a chance to win the The Artisanal Movement x LOQI Tote Bag.
Limited to 10 winners, selection will be by lucky draw.

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