Quiz winners (January - February)

Quiz winners (January - February)

  • Tam Yik See NWD
  • Cheung Man Hoi Hip Hing Construction
  • Law Ka Sin Hip Hing Construction
  • Kwok Wai Ling New World TMT Ltd.
  • Katherine Kwan NWD
  • Ng Hoi Ling Daisy NWPMCL
  • Angel 新世界沈阳公司
  • Law Ka Sin Hip Hing Construction
Quiz answers (January - February)

Quiz answers (January - February)

  • Reinterpreting Tradition, Design and Living and Young Minds
  • chi K11 art museum in Shanghai
  • SIMPLICITY Co., Ltd.
  • 500 people
  • 2940

  • What is the underlying profits announced during the Interim Results announcement for the 2018 financial year?

  • Which award did New World Development garner from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants?

  • What is the theme of Cultural Transformer 2017?

  • Which young musician did Youth Square invite to participate in Garden of the Artisans Arts Festival?

  • What element did A • Entrepreneur Adventure programme 2017 use in the competition to recruit entrepreneurs?


April 30, 2018


1 piece of Artisan Room Bavarois Ring

Note: Only staff of the New World Group are eligible to join.
Staff who answer all the questions correctly get a chance to win the The Artisanal Movement x LOQI Tote Bag.
Limited to 10 winners, selection will be by lucky draw.

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