Quiz winners (September-October)

Quiz winners (September-October)

  • Gawain Li NWD
  • Chloe Liu K11沈阳
  • Samantha S NWCL
  • Yam Sau Yi NWPMCL
  • Chan Ka Wai NWD
  • Kathleen Lau Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd
  • Ma kin wai, Roy K11
  • Issac Chan K11 Concepts Limited
  • Wong Kwai Chun New World TMT Limited
  • Law Ka Sin 協興建築
Quiz answers (September-October)

Quiz answers (September-October)

  • Guangzhou Park Paradise· Cozy Clouds
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Three
  • Staff & Family Movie Day
  • Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA)

  • When did the New World Harbour Race take place?

  • Which contemporary artist designed the ‘Rocket-Lantern Sculpture’ installed at K11 Atrium?

  • How many staff and their family members joined the 'NWS Adventure Day?'

  • Which organisation did Youth Square collaborate with to present the “CULTURE @MAZE Street Culture Festival 2017”?

  • What did NWDS win at the '7th Asian Excellence Recognition Awards' organised by ‘Corporate Governance Asia’?


December 31, 2017


K11 Art Foundation Totebag and Notebook

Note: Only staff of the New World Group are eligible to join.
Staff who answer all the questions correctly get a chance to win the K11 Design Store 2 side tote bag.
Limited to 10 winners, selection will be by lucky draw.

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