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K11 and Italian Consulate Presents: Bellissima Italia Opening Exhibition DESIGN IN ITALIA

“Italian design” denotes a heritage of discerning taste and impeccable craftsmanship that has transcended... continue reading

29 Sep 2017

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Guangzhou Park Paradise·Cozy Clouds

Aiming at innovation and the pursuit of excellence in line with The Artisan Movement, the Group’s brand persona... continue reading

04 Aug 2017

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SKYPARK Surpassing boundaries to build a park in the sky, where dreams can come true

SKYPARK, the brainchild of cultural entrepreneur Mr. Adrian Cheng, who also serves as executive vice-chairman and gen... continue reading

01 Jun 2017

The BIM Journey Was Born at the New World
Sustainability ‧ Community

The BIM Journey Was Born at the New World

The Group continues to promote BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology for managing building performance from... continue reading

06 Oct 2016

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